Can I use next generation Cloud Server Images to Create Cloud Servers in different regions?

It is not currently possible to use next generation Images (snapshots) created in one region to spin up Cloud Servers in a different region.  We expect this functionality to be available in late 2013.

Due to the limitation above, if you would like to use generation Cloud Server Images with RackConnect, please follow this process:

  1. Make sure to create a next generation Cloud Server in the same region as your RackConnect Configuration.
  2. Once the cloud server is deployed and configured as you would like, you can create an Image (snapshot) of it.
  3. You can now create new next generation Cloud Servers from this Image, as long as they are created in the same region your RackConnect Configuration is located.

Note: If you have existing next generation Images that were created in a different region than where your RackConnect configuration is located, then it will not be possible to use them with RackConnect until the first half of 2014 (expected timeframe).

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