Can I extend my Active Directory (AD) domain across RackConnect into the cloud?

Customer-owned Active Directory domains can be extended over RackConnect. This includes Active Directory Domain Controllers in your Dedicated environment or in your Cloud environment.

If you are planning to deploy Domain Controllers in the Cloud, and you promote a Cloud Server to a Domain Controller, please make sure to create a ticket and inform the RackConnect team about this change. You will need to manually create a “rackconnect” user account on the Domain and add this account to the “Domain Admins” Global Group. We will add the “DOMAIN\rackconnect” account to the RackConnect system instead of “rackconnect” in order to get RackConnect to work with your Domain Controller cloud server(s).

Additionally, Active Directory requires a large number of open ports to function properly, so we highly recommended that you create RackConnect Network Policies that allow full access between your Cloud and Dedicated environments.

IMPORTANT: RackConnect Network Policies are limited to Port Ranges of 100.  Please view the Managing RackConnect Network Policies article for further details.

NOTE: Connecting Cloud Servers to the Intensive Active Directory Domains is not currently supported.

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