Akamai Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Akamai?

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is publicly traded: (NASDAQ: AKAM) company founded in 1998. Akamai has a pervasive, highly-distributed cloud optimization platform with over 73,000 servers in 70 countries within nearly 1,000 networks.

What will I experience when Akamai is implemented as my new CDN provider?

Rackspace expects no customer impact during your transition to Akamai. Once we flip the switch to have a customer’s content served by Akamai, Akamai will begin supporting both new URLs and all other existing CDN provider URLs.

This means that CDN customers who currently have Limelight URLs coded into their websites will continue to serve content using those URLs when they are transitioned to Akamai, but they will be distributed over the Akamai network. At this time, we do not have any plans to discontinue the legacy URLs.

If a customer requests their URL (either in the Control Panel or via API) for an object, they will be presented with a new Akamai URL. This does not mean that old URLs are invalid. However, as Rackspace releases new features like CNAME and SSL, customers will need to reference their new Akamai URL instead of their legacy URL.

Will customers have to change their code to use Akamai?


Will customers have to do anything different in the control panel?

No, as we add new features, we will educate our customers.

Should customers anticipate any downtime during this implementation?

No downtime is expected during the implementation of the Akamai platform.

Will the Cloud Files API be different?

No, all customers facing API calls will remain the same.

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