Change the password for a MySQL database user on Cloud Sites

Note: This article refers to the Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can access this interface from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking the Cloud Control Panel menu at the top of the window and selecting Cloud Sites from the menu.

This article provides instructions for changing the password for a user of the MySQL database that is attached to your Cloud Sites website.


To perform these steps, you must have administrative access to the Rackspace Cloud.

To change the password for a database user

  1. Log in to the Cloud Sites Control Panel.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Hosting > Cloud Sites.
  3. Click the name of the website that owns the database that you want to modify.
  4. Click the Features tab.
  5. In the Databases section, click the name of the database that you want to modify.
  6. On the Database Information page, scroll to the Database Users section.
  7. In the list of available users, click the hyperlink of the user whose password you want to change.
  8. In the Password box, enter a password that is at least eight characters long and contains at least one of each of the following character types:
    • Uppercase alphabetic character (A-Z)
    • Lowercase alphabetic character (a-z)
    • Numeric character (0-9)

    Note: For maximum security, your password should not be a dictionary word or anything that can be easily guessed.

  9. In the Confirm Password box, retype the new password.
  10. Click Save.

    If you mistyped the password in the Confirm Password box, you are informed that your passwords do not match. Repeat steps 8-10.

  11. Repeat these steps for each database user whose password you want to change.

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