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Uploading Content to a Cloud Files Container Using Fire Uploader

NOTE: This article is written for our Classic Cloud Control Panel. You can access this interface from the New Cloud Control Panel by clicking your username in the upper-right of the control panel and selecting "Classic Cloud Control Panel".

Even though we offer the File Manager interface to Cloud Files through the Classic Cloud Control Panel, you may choose to use one of several 3rd party interfaces that work just as well.  Fireuploader, a free add-on for Firefox browsers, is one such application that works well on Cloud Files.  Here is how to use Fireuploader to manage your Cloud FIles content.


  • Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Administrative access to the Rackspace Cloud site


  • Open Fire uploader website in FireFox.
  • Press the "Download" button and follow online instructions to install the software.
  • Login to the Classic Cloud Control Panel
  • Navigate to Your Account->API Access.
  • Copy Username and API Key after clicking the show key button .


  • Then in FireFox browser window select Tools -> FireUploader.
  • In the drop down on the left select Mosso a.k.a. The Rackspace Cloud.
  • Select Manage Accounts and insert the Username just copied into the Username field and the API Key in the password field.
NOTE: Do not use your manage.rackspace.com password as this will not work.
  • Toggle Save password as desired then click Add and then ok.
  • Create a container or folder for e.g. media, by selecting the create directory icon, name the container "media", and click ok.
  • Double click on the newly created media container.
  • Now drag and drop video and image files onto the newly created media container.
  • Wait for the content to upload; while waiting checkout new Tools Site this site showcases applications for the Rackspace Cloud
  • Navigate to Hosting -> Cloud Files, in the Classic Cloud Control Panel.
  • Select media, then in the bottom pane click on the check box for Publish to CDN.
  • Copy the CDN URL for later.

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