Rackspace Cloud DNS - Available Features

Available Features

Rackspace Cloud DNS automates and simplifies your Domain Name System management and has many of the features you have been asking for, including: 

  • REST-based API: RESTful API lets you customize solutions to automate DNS management.


  • Multiple Record Types: Full list of supported record types shown here.


  • Comprehensive Management Capability: List, add, modify and remove domains. List, add, modify and remove DNS records. Import and export domains. 


  • Domain Delegation: Delegate a domain or sub-domain to a non-Rackspace name server via modifications to a DNS record. 


  • Full TTL Control: Easily update the default time to live (TTL) and resource record TTL values. 


  • Globally Distributed Anycast DNS Network: Our internal network leverages Anycast to make DNS more reliable and resilient. 


  • Simplified Migration: Import and export features allow you to import or export a text list or BIND 9 formatted file of managed domains and their configuration details into and out of your account. 


  • IPv6: In addition to supporting IPv4, Cloud DNS is IPv6 ready when you are. 

The available management operations allow you to easily manage domains, sub-domains, and records via the REST-based API. Additionally, advances operations are available that allow you to easily manage mail servers, zone delegation, and create SPF records. 

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