Cloud Essentials - Creating An Image Backup (Cloning) and Restoring A Server From A Saved Image

This article will guide you through the process of Creating An Image Backup (Cloning) and Restoring A Server From A Saved Image in our Cloud Control Panel.

Note: While you can create a different size server from that of the saved image, you must still use the same base OS version.

Creating An Image Backup 

1. Log into the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.

2. Click Hosting and then Cloud Servers. Next, select the server you want to clone by clicking on it in the list of servers. If you already have an image of the server you want cloned, then you can skip ahead to step 6.

3. After the Server Information page loads,  Actions and then under Backup select Create Image. Or at the bottom, you can select Create Image; which ever you prefer.


4. You will need a snapshot of the server that you want to clone.  Click the New On-Demand Image button located in the Server Images table.  Type the name you want to give the image and click the Save Image button. After the image has been saved, you will see it listed in the Server Images table.



Restoring A Server From A Saved Image 

1. Once you're logged into the New Cloud Panel select Cloud Servers and then select the Create Server option.


2. Enter in a Server Name for your server and then select the region.

3. Select Saved under the Image section and then select the desired image backup. 

4. In the Flavor section, select the Flavor Class and specific Flavor of the server.

5. Under Networks, select the network or networks to which your server will be connected, and then click Create Network.

6. Under Advanced Options, select Manual or Automatic disk partitioning, and then click Create Server.

Cloud Servers builds your server.

7. When presented with your Root Admin Password, copy the password to a secure location, and then click Dismiss Password.

8. After your server is created, its status is displayed as Active. You can then log in to it by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)  or SSH, depending on your server's OS.

 Your server will now go through the building process and will display a Building notification. Once completed, it will then state Running which you are then ready to RDP or SSH in your server.

Note: The process of building a server from a previous backup image can be a time-consuming process depending on the size of the server.

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