Top 50 Resources for Programming Web Applications with Python

Python is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language that has achieved popularity because of its readability and clear syntax. Guido van Rossum created Python in late 1980s. It is a ‘high level’ scripting language used by most programmers for its simplicity of use. Python can be written once and run on any computer. It’s a ‘multi paradigm programming language’ compatible with many other programming languages such as .NET, CORBA, Java, Perl.

  • Python Programming Language: Link to the official website of the Python programming language that has everything that you need to know about the language

  • GIMP-Python: A document that outlines the interfaces to GIMP Python

  • How-to install Python for Unix/Windows: A complete how-to guide for installing Python for Unix to Windows migration

  • py2exe: Tutorial for py2exe, a distutils extension that converts Python scripts into executable Windows programs

  • Python Programming Course for Scientists: A link to an online Python programming course, specially designed for non-professional scientists so that they can control their computers for their research

  • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 3 (RLE): The link leads to online lessons that teach Python programming language

  • Python vs Perl: A detailed comparison between the Python and the Perl programming language

  • Why choose Python?: Why choose Python over other scripting languages? If you want to know the answer, then follow the link

  • Dive into Python: A free download link to the well-known ‘Dive into Python’ book, specially written for experienced programmers

  • Python/Unix Tutorial: An online tutorial that covers the basics of working in a Unix/Python environment

  • Macpython: An online resource guiding how to integrate Python into Macintosh environment

  • Common Python Pitfalls: A document that discusses the common pitfalls that a programmer may face while running Python scripts under Windows

  • Python v2.6.5: A link that leads to everything and anything that you want to know about Python v2.6.5

  • Python with Ubuntu: A how-to guide for programming Python with Ubuntu

  • Python Essentials: List of links leading to essential Python resources

  • Biography: A link to a short biography of the creator of Python, Guido van Rossum

  • History of Python: A link to the history of the Python programming language

  • Python Imaging Library: List of links that lead to free download of Python Imaging Library (PIL)

  • Python 3.1: A link to an introduction to Python 3.1 for beginners

  • Basics of Python: A beginners Python tutorial course that attempts to teach basics of the programming language

  • Advanced Python Course: Link to an online advanced Python course for professional programmers

  • Working with Arrays in Python

  • Tkinter: This link leads to an online tutorial for Tkinter, a Graphical User Interface widget set for Python, and its application

  • wxPython: Link to wxPython GUI, a Python extension module that summarizes the wxWidgets C++ class library

  • pyglet: Free Download link for pyglet, a multimedia library for Python

  • DrPython: A document that provides information for DrPython’s downloads, a highly customizable text editor for writing programs in Python

  • Eric: Want to know everything about Eric, a full featured Python editor? Follow this link

  • NLTK: A link to NLTK, an open source Python module

  • Python Open Source Projects: A lead to open source software projects implemented for or in Python for building data mapping and Web services

  • How Python fits into Web: A link that provides information on how Python fits into the Web

  • TurboGears: A link to the TurboGears tutorial. TurboGears is one of the key web application frameworks written by Python programmers

  • Python Tutorial: A link that leads to the comprehensive online Python programming tutorial

  • Python & Java: A Side-By-Sidie Comparison

  • Python for Lisp: A link to a short introduction to Python for Lisp programmers

  • Comparison of Scripting Languages: A link that leads to bilateral comparison of all the scripting languages, including Python with other languages

  • Python vs. Lua: A link to detailed comparison between Lua and Python web applications

  • Python vs. Lisp: A link to a document that comprehensively compares Python with Lisp

  • Python for Research: A link to document that enlists ten reasons why Python is best for Research

  • Python trends: A link that highlights the ups and downs of Python programming language

  • Why Choose Python Over PHP

  • Python vs. Ruby: A link to the detailed comparison of the languages, Python and Ruby

  • Python vs. Perl vs. Ruby: Python vs Perl vs Ruby, comparative analysis of all the three programming languages

  • Python-excel: A website that contains excellent information about how to use excel files with Python

  • HTML with Python: A link to a website that describes HTML processing in Python programming language

  • pymps: A download link for pymps – a PYthon Music Playing System

  • Ounk: A link to the installation instructions for Ounk, Python’s audio scripting environment

  • Python Software Applications: A link to list of software applications written in Python programming language

  • Python with CGI: A link to an introductory course on how to use Python with CGI

  • Jython: A link to a document on Jython - a high level, object oriented language - Python written with Java

  • IronPython: A link to IronPython, an implementation of Python running under .NET and Silverlight

  • Stackless Python: A link to Stackless Python, an improved version of Python programming language that avoids depending on C call stack for its own stack
  • pypy: A link to pypy, an implementation of Python programming language and its download link

  • Python with XML: This link aims to introduce the basic concept on how to use Python for processing XML data


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