Attach a Cloud Network to an Existing Cloud Server

Cloud Networks allows you to attach an isolated network to a new Cloud Server during the server creation process. Existing servers can also be attached to an isolated network, but this is only possible via the Cloud Networks API at this time. Please be aware that if you use the Cloud Networks API to attach or detach interfaces to/from a cloud server you may experience a brief interruption (lasting a few seconds) in traffic hitting your cloud server, while networking is being reset on the server.

To attach an isolated network to an existing Cloud Server using the Cloud Control Panel instead of the API, you'll need to create an image of the server and build a new server based on that image.

To attach an isolated network to an existing Cloud Server by cloning it, follow these steps:

1. In the Cloud Control Panel, click the server that you want to attach the isolated network to.

2. On the Server Details page, scroll to the Images section.

3. If you already have an image for this server, skip to step 4. If you need to create an image for the server, click Create Image, enter a name for the image, then click Create Image:

Create Server from an Image

It make take a few minutes to create the image.

4. Click View Images, then select Create Server with Image from the Actions cog:

Create Server from Image

5. On the Create Server page, enter a name for the new server. The image is preselected for you.

6. Select a size for the server.

7. Select an existing isolated network from the Networks table, or click Create Network to create a new one. If you're creating a network, enter a network name, and then click Create Network.

Note: All new servers are automatically attached to PublicNet (the Internet) and ServiceNet (the Rackspace data center network). If you intend to remove these networks from the server, we strongly recommend that you read Remove Networks from a Cloud Server to fully understand the limitations that will be placed on this server if you remove these networks.

8. Click Create Server.

A new Cloud Server is created with new public and private IP addresses and attached to the networks you selected.

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