Rackspace Cloud Essentials - Creating A Cloud Server

Use the following steps to set up a Cloud Server through the Cloud Control Panel interface.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel.
    The Cloud Servers List opens by default.
  2. Click the Create Server button.
  3. In the Identity section enter a name for your server in the Server Name field.

  4. From the Region list, select the region in which you want to create the server.

  1. In the Images section, select which operating system you want to use.


  2. In the Flavor section, choose the appropriate configuration for the server.


  3. (Optional) Assign a public key to the server by either selecting an existing key or adding a new one.
    • To assign an existing public key, select the key name in the SSH Key list.
    • To add a key, continue with the next step.
  1. To add a new public key, click Add Public Key.

    Note: If you have previously added your public key, this option will read Manage SSH Keys.

  2. If adding a public key give your new public key a name.
  3. In the Region field, confirm or select the region in which your key will be used.
  4. Paste your entire public key into the Public Key field and click Add Public Key.
    For information on how to generate a public and private key pairs, see Manage SSH Keypairs for Cloud Servers with python-novaclient.
  5. Confirm that your key is listed in the SSH Key list for your new server.
  6. As needed, create a new network and select the PublicNet and ServiceNet options. 
  7. Click Create Server.

    Your server is now built.

NOTE: If presented with a choice between Standard and General Purpose flavors, the General Purpose flavors will be the optimal choice for most purposes. 

After it is done being provisioned, your server displays the status Running and is now available for remote connection. Specific remote connection instructions for your server are  displayed in the side bar on the right of the Cloud Control Panel.

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