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Creating a Monitoring Check Using the Cloud Control Panel

This article describes how to create monitoring check using Cloud Monitoring through the Cloud Control Panel. Each of the monitoring checks you can create with the Cloud Control Panel are based on predefined check templates.


Create a Monitoring Check

  • Or go into the Server Details screen, and scroll down to the Monitoring Checks section to create a new check.
  • Select the service you want to monitor from the drop down menu.

  • After you have chosen the Check Type, enter a descriptive name for the check in the Check Name text box.
  • Enter the URL of the website you want to monitor.



  • (Optional) Click Advanced Options and fill in the Body Match with a word or phrase that will appear on the page when it loads successfully. For example, you can do a body match on the copyright date to verify if the website is up.


The Check Region

  • Each check is configured by default to originate from the 3 regions: DFW, ORD, and LON. Once your monitoring check has been created, you can edit the Parameters under the Check Details to include additional regions, including: IAD (Northern Virginia), HKG (Hong Kong), and SYD (Sydney)


Note: The terms monitoring zone and regions can be used interchangeably here, as they both represent the geographical locations where Rackspace has a data center and where the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring API is hosted.


The Check Status

The check status is calculated by determining if there is an agreement from a quorum of the monitoring zones (two out of three monitoring zones running the check). This helps avoid reporting false negatives. A check has to fail in two of the three monitoring zones/regions before the check state is deemed CRITICAL.

The combined results of the check from all three monitoring zones determines the check's state. The check state can be one of the following:

  • Green = OK

  • Yellow = WARNING

  • Red = CRITICAL, the check failed in at least two of three monitoring zones. The Technical Contact (the primary contact on the Rackspace account) will receive an email describing the situation.

The following screen-shot shows a check with an OK state and one in CRITICAL state:



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