Using a staging URL

NOTE: This article refers to the Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can access this interface from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking your username in the upper-right corner of the control panel and selecting Cloud Sites Control Panel.


  • Administrative access to the Rackspace Cloud


  • Navigate to Hosting->Cloud Sites, from the list of domains click on the hyperlink of the domain and select General Settings tab
  • Scroll down to the Viewing and Editing section and check the testing URL link, this identifies the technology, cluster and data center used for this website.
  • All content and code uploaded to the site can now be accessed with the test or staging url
  • The website can be made public when needed. Site owner must log into the website for the domain reistrar where they bought the domain--for example, or Register,com, and set the DNS name servers for the domain and Additionally you can use external name servers and modify DNS records as needed.

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