Cloud Files Streaming with FlowPlayer Plugins

This article will help customers understand how to upload and stream videos from Cloud Files using the Akamai CDN.  Using FlowPlayer as your streaming video player lets customers get the streaming technology and web experience their customers are looking for without having to develop their own Flash players.

You can set up your video for streaming in a few simple steps:

  1. Upload your file to Cloud Files via our API or Control panel.  If your video file is more than 5GB, simply use our large object support.
  2. Download the Akamai Advanced FlowPlayer Provider plugin. This is required for your video to play on the Akamai network.   
  3. Upload the FlowPlayer plugins to your Cloud Files account, or on a server where the internet can access them. 
  4. Request your streaming URL, simply by doing a HEAD on your object.
  5. Use your streaming url to serve your content!

Embedding your video with FlowPlayer in your website code is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Upload all the FlowPlayer components to a container.
  2. Call the flowplayer.js file using a <script> tag to include it in the HTML
  3. Link the flowplayer.css stylesheet for the Player frame
  4. Make any config changes to the flowplayer object
  5. Add in the swf player object and the player controls swf object and set the src for the video.
 For more information on streaming, please visit the Streaming for Cloud Files FAQ.

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