About the Cloud Monitoring Agent

The Cloud Monitoring Agent allows you to monitor the internals of your Cloud Server by running checks that are installed on your server locally rather than launching checks from one or more of the Rackspace data centers. Because the agent is installed locally, it is immediately aware of any system resource changes to your Cloud Server. The agent records any updated or changed information and forwards it to the Cloud Monitoring system. 

The Cloud Monitoring Agent is capable of monitoring the following system information:

  • Load Average
  • Filesystem
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Network


Using the Monitoring Agent

The first step to using the Monitoring Agent is to install it on your Cloud Server. If you are a Rackspace Managed Cloud customer the agent is automatically installed on all Cloud Servers. All other Rackspace customers can learn about installing the agent on a Cloud Server by reading Installing the Monitoring Agent. Once the agent is installed on your Cloud Server, it immediately provides CPU, Filesystem, and Memory metrics. You can manage the agent using either the Cloud Control panel or the Monitoring API, which you can learn about by reading the Monitoring API Developer Guide


Live Host Statistics in the Cloud Control Panel

You can view the host statistics of a Cloud Server provided by the agent on the Server Details page of the Cloud Control Panel:

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