How Can I Use CNAMES With a Cloud Files Container?

What is a CNAME?

A CNAME record is way to link your Cloud Files container to a branded URL that you display instead of a CDN URL.  For example, you might want to CNAME your CDN URL (example: to a shorter or branded URL (


How do I set up my CNAMEs?

You can set up your CNAME simply by managing your DNS.  Within your DNS settings, request a new record. You will need to ensure that your CNAME record points to your container CDN URL and not your object CDN URL.  If you are using DNS through Rackspace Cloud Sites, for example, it would look like this:


If you wish to edit or delete your CNAME, you can also do that by managing your DNS in your existing tool. 


Will I be charged extra for using CNAMEs?



Do CNAMEs work with SSL (or https) delivery?

At this time, CNAMEs will not work with SSL delivery.  While we are investigating this opportunity, there are significant challenges with this technology. 


Where do I find my CDN URL? 

You can find your CDN URL by clicking on your container in the Cloud Files Control Panel or by requesting your container information via our Cloud Files API.  If you are using our Control Panel, your link can be found like below.  

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