Future Büro Runs Big Campaigns in the Cloud


The digital creative studio finds reliability, scalability, and support on Rackspace® Cloud SitesTM.



Future Büro is a digital creative studio based in Sydney, Australia, that works with a number of advertising agencies to build sites and products for high-profile clients such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Amatil, and Virgin Mobile.

Viral campaigns created traffic spikes other hosts couldn’t withstand, and the Australian team was up at all hours making sure their American clients’ sites stayed up.

Rackspace® Cloud Sites for clients and campaigns of all sizes, providing peace of mind, uptime, and support.

The company can focus on building great sites and products without worrying whether campaign success will cause crashes. Staff can also take vacations and sleep without fear that a client’s site is down.


Founded in 2008, Future Büro is a digital creative studio based in Sydney, Australia. The company works with a number of advertising agencies to build sites and products for high-profile clients such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola Amatil, and Virgin Mobile.

Having had difficulties with shared hosting and VPS setups, Future Büro decided it was time to move their sites into the cloud. Rackspace Cloud Sites offered the combination of reliability, scalability, and support Future Büro needed, allowing their team to focus on building great sites, rather than worrying about keeping them running.


Future Büro came to Rackspace after being frustrated by previous hosting arrangements, says technical director Andrew Bateman. “When I started here four years ago,” Bateman says, “shared hosting was not working out great. We decided to move on to VPS.net and set up some servers there.” It didn’t take long for them to regret their decision. “We were paying for a managed plan, and we weren’t getting anything out of it,” Bateman says. “That whole platform was unstable, so we had a lot of downtime, and no one was able to reboot the servers. I kept having to jump online to reboot servers—especially for our customers in the US—in the middle of the night here in Sydney.”

Tired of midnight crashes, the company looked for a hosting option that offered round-the-clock support and monitoring. Their search for completely managed operations led them to do a test run with Rackspace Cloud Sites. “It worked out fantastically,” Bateman says. The company migrated all of their sites to Rackspace, and they’ve been satisfied customers ever since.


Since moving to Rackspace, Future Büro hasn’t had to worry about their American customers’ sites crashing while they sleep. On the rare occasions there is a problem, the company’s team at Rackspace is there to take care of it. “It’s been very good,” Bateman says. “No system is perfect, but for us, the important thing is that someone is there to pick it back up again. For us, that’s bigger than uptime.”

Rackspace hasn’t only helped Bateman sleep easier. “With Rackspace, for the first time in years I have been able to take a holiday without having to worry that one of our sites would go down and stay down,” he says. “If you put a site up, it’s going to stay up, and if doesn’t, someone at Rackspace is already working to get it back up.”


Scalability is a major factor in Cloud Sites’ reliability. Because many of Future Büro’s sites are tied to advertising campaigns, they needed a host that could accommodate the kind of traffic a successful campaign attracts. “Campaign sites are all about building a lot of traffic,” Bateman says. “With Cloud Sites, we don’t have to think about it. If we get a little bit of traffic, great. If we get a lot of traffic, even better.”

“Previously we had to do a lot of planning to upscale and handle the traffic. Now I don’t even have to think about it,” Bateman says. Thanks to Rackspace, going viral is a good thing, not a potential problem.


Fanatical Support® service was a major attractor for Future Büro. Bateman’s favorite feature is Live Chat. “I love jumping onto the Live Chat and getting a response or a resolution immediately,” he says. “With the other provider we used, it could be three or four hours before we got a response.”

Fanatical Support service allows Future Büro to focus on what’s important: building great sites for their customers. “It means we can spend our time thinking about the sites and products we are building, rather than thinking about whether the site is going to stay up,” Bateman says. “It’s good to know there’s going to be someone at the other end of the line if we actually need to get in touch, which is not something that a lot of hosting companies can say.”


Since moving to Rackspace, Bateman has found other advantages to the Cloud besides its reliability, scalability, and support. He’s especially impressed with how little time it takes to get a site up and running. “It’s very quick and easy to create a new site,” he says. “It takes just ten minutes between creating the site and getting it live.”

Bateman is also pleased with the flexibility of Rackspace Cloud Sites. “Being able to run a PHP, Apache, Linux, or .NET within the same infrastructure is great for us,” he says. “It lets us keep all of our sites together, instead of managing 20 different logins and different providers. It makes it easy for us to handle clients using both Windows and Linux.”

Overall, Future Büro’s been thoroughly satisfied with the Rackspace experience. “Our experience on Cloud Sites has been great,” Bateman says. “As a small company working with big brands, we don’t have the time, money or manpower to set up and manage our own infrastructure to deal with traffic spikes, OS security, staging environments, etc. Cloud Sites has made a real difference to our business.”

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