Bodyglide Didn’t Know Email Could Be So Easy

Produces technically advanced, all natural products to prevent blisters, chaffing, and cracked skin for sports, work, or daily use.

CHALLENGES: Email hosted with web host lacks control and flexibility

 Hosted Microsoft Exchange with support for PCs, Macs, and push technology for mobile devices

Rackspace now hosts their email and website

Web Host Couldn’t Support Email Needs

Bodyglide, official sponsors of the USA Triathlon team, solves skin issues like skin irritation, sun exposure, and the resulting pain for athletes. Nestled in Bellevue, WA, they were having problems solving their email issues.

Their email, handled by a web hosting service, “hadn’t kept up with the growing complexities of email. We’re a tightly organized company using enterprise-level software, BlackBerrys®, iPhones™, Mac’s, and PC’s outsourcing email and website hosting,” according to Bill Sternoff, President of Bodyglide, “and our vendors couldn’t give us the support we needed.”

With issues related to connectivity between wireless and desktop devices and a lack of dedicated resources to fight spam and viruses, Bodyglide was looking for a better alternative to address all of their business email problems.

Rackspace Offers Control and Total Integration

Acting on a referral, they tried out another email hosting company and quickly found that company couldn’t support all of their devices as promised or provide them with the level of control needed to effectively manage email, like whitelists, blacklists, and message filtering. He was especially disappointed in their inability to integrate their Macs. As a result, within 24 hours, Bill was on the hunt again. And then he found Rackspace.

With Rackspace, he found an email service that not only solved his email problems but also offered a level of support he hadn’t found elsewhere. “It was a flawless transition. They got us set up and did the physical transition. I marveled every time I picked up the phone. Someone answered the phone, in my language, in my country, and had an answer,” gushes Bill. During the sales process, he was delighted at how we “held his hand all the way through” and called back multiple times to ensure everything was going well. This, he says, “is very unusual in the business world today.”

Microsoft® Exchange offered the best fit for seamless integration with Bodyglide’s multi-device environment. BlackBerry licenses and ActiveSync® for iPhone solve wireless connectivity issues. Our triple layer spam and virus scanning is a perfect fit for reducing the amount of threats entering their network. Plus, the administrative Control Panel gives him complete control over message filtering.

Email Success Spurs Decision to Move Website to Rackspace

Now, Bodyglide can keep the communication loop going between wireless devices and desktops in their new Exchange environment. They’ve also experienced a dramatic reduction in spam and filtering issues since moving their email to Rackspace. Bill is happy with the ease of setting and adjusting spam controls and message filtering in our easy-to-use administrative Control Panel.

“You can tell when you call a company different days and different times of the day if there are inconsistencies in service. I feel confident when I call; it’ll be picked up in 10 seconds,” says Bill. He also expresses his appreciation of our upfront pricing model, “Competitors offered rate cards to get you in the door and then drove the cost up with hidden fees. You’re site was upfront, this is what we charge, this is what you get.”

Bill was so impressed with our service; he fired his current web hosting provider and moved his website over to the Rackspace Cloud. Comparing his previous email system to Rackspace, he adds, “I didn’t know it could be this easy.”

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