ZipIt Backup Utility for Cloud Sites - IIS


The ASPX Zipit Backup Utility is a tool that enables users to compress and back up data on Cloud Sites, including files and MSSQL databases. All backups are stored on your Rackspace Cloud Files account. The backups are done on a site-by-site basis and are initiated manually. 

The ASPX Zipit Backup Utility is run from your account and does not externally store any of your personal information such as your database credentials or Cloud Files API key.

If you are looking for the Linux/PHP version of Zipit click here: Zipit Backup Utility for Cloud Sites - Linux

How it works:

  • Runs on a per-site basis. The ASPX Zipit Backup Utility must be installed for each site you want to back up.
  • The ASPX Zipit Backup Utility backs up all Cloud Sites files and databases to your Cloud Files account.
  • Lists all available backups. Available backups can be managed via the Cloud Control Panel.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download this file and save it to your local machine as "ASPXZipIt-Installer.aspx" without the quotes.
  • Upload the ASPXZipIt-Installer.aspx file to the content folder of the site you want to backup.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to to access the web interface.

 Note: Replace the highlighted text with your actual domain name.

  • Please make sure impersonation is enabled.  Please see our How Do I Add Impersonation article for more information on enableing this.
  • Choose your .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5
  • Enter your preferred username/password for the ASPX Zipit Backup Utility.
  • Enter your Cloud Files username and API Key.

Click here for instructions on generating Cloud Files API Key.

  • Click 'Install' to begin.
  • Once install is complete you may login.
  • To backup MSSQL a temp directory named "aspxzipit_sql_bak" is created in your content directory.  This directory must manually be set to 766 permissions in order to run due to Rackspace Cloud Sites security.

*** Note ASPX Zipit will only run on a site that is configured as IIS/ASPX

*** Linux sites can use the original Zipit Backup Utilty here.

By installing ASPX Zipit Backup Utility you agree that this feature is an Unsupported Service (as defined herein) and you also agree to the terms of the GPL License! See: GPL v3

GitHub Access can be found :

ASPX ZipIt Installer :
ASP.NET 3.5 :
ASP.NET 4.0 :
ASP.NET 4.5 :

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