Work with Skype for Business in Outlook Web App Guide

When Skype for Business is activated for a user in the Rackspace User Control Panel, it automatically turns on the Skype for Business functionality in Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013. This article describes how to work with Skype for Business in the Outlook Web App.

Sign in to Skype for Business

When you log in to Outlook Web App, you are automatically signed in to Skype for Business. 

Skype for Business is shown as a square button in the top-right corner of the Outlook Web App window. The button is illuminated when you are signed in to the Skype for Business server, and it is gray when you are not signed in. When you first log in to Outlook Web App, the button might appear gray until you are signed in to the Skype for Business server.


Change your availability

Click the Skype for Business button (the green square button) to open a menu of availability options. Choose your availability from the menu, or choose to sign out of Skype for Business. If you sign out, you will stop getting instant messages (IMs) within Outlook Web App.


Send an IM from Outlook Web App

You can send an IM from Outlook Web App to anyone in your organization who is also logged in.

  1. In the top-right cornet of the Outlook Web App window, click the People tab in the top right corner of the Outlook Web App window.
  2. From your Contacts list, select the person to whom you want to send an IM. 
    The contact information appears in the right pane.  
  3. Click the Send Instant Message icon (highlighted in the following example).  

  4. When you are done chatting, close the window to end the IM session.


Replying to an email with an IM

If the person who sends you an email is logged in to Skype for Business, you can reply to the email through IM. 

  1. In the email window, click the More Options symol (...). 
  2. Select reply by IM or reply all by IM
    A Skype for Business IM window opens. 



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