Why was my request to change registrars rejected?

Your current registrar may reject a registrar change request if:

  • the request was made within 60 days of the initial registration.
  • there is a legal dispute over the domain name.
  • there is a pending bankruptcy of the domain name holder.
  • there is a dispute over the identity of the domain name holder.
  • the domain name is "on hold" or "locked."

Please note that your current registrar may offer "transfer lock" or a similar service as a security measure to prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name. If this feature is activated, you will need to log on to your account with your current registrar in order to unlock the domain.

In order to turn the transfer lock function off, you must have access to the administrative email address you used when first registering the domain. Your current registrar will send an email to this account that will require a reply from you, confirming that the transfer is authorized. If you do not have access to this email address, contact customer support for help.

You can do a WHOIS search to find the administrative email and the current registar for the domain. See How do I do a WHOIS search? for more information.

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