Why do I still receive spam?

NOTE: This documentation refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites.  This article is here for the purpose of legacy support only.


If our spam filtering software suspects that an incoming message is spam, it will be sent to the Spam folder. However, in some cases spam messages may be delivered to your Inbox or some messages you want to receive may be delivered to the Spam folder. You can customize your spam filtering settings and level of filtering within webmail.

To verify if spam filtering is enabled, please see Is spam filtering enabled on my email accounts?

The Catch All Account

If you're account is configured to be the "catch all", then spam will not be filtered and you will still see messages coming in as [SPAM] even though you may have it set to do otherwise

Recommended Read

Please visit our Spam Settings article for an overview on how to manipulate various email spam settings.

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