Why am I not receiving Cloud Sites email?

NOTE: This documentation refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites.  This article is here for the purpose of legacy support only.


--Make sure the email account has already been created in Cloud Sites control panel. For more information on setting up an email account in the control panel, see How do I create an email account?

--Make sure your settings (POP server, SMTP server, username and password) are correct. For more information see How do I access my email account?

--The email you are supposed to receive may have had an attachment greater than 50 MB. If so, the email message would have been rejected by Cloud Sites's mail servers. If this occurs, decrease the attachment size to less than 50 MB and then try again.

--The email you are supposed to receive may have been flagged as spam or contained a virus. See Is spam filtering enabled on my email accounts? and Is there Antivirus Protection on my email accounts?

--The email may have not been addressed properly. Look at the "To:" field to make sure that the message is being sent to a valid email address. If you believe the email was addressed incorrectly, you can check the catchall mailbox, if one has been set up, to see if the email was routed there. For setting up a catchall, please see What is a catchall address? How do I set a catchall address?

--Your DNS registration or transfer may not be completed yet. This process can take up to 48 hours, and email is not functional until this is complete.

--Make sure that your domain name has not expired. An expired domain will prevent mail from being delivered properly. For more information, see What happens if my registration expires?

--If none of these other suggestions work, please contact support.

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