When to contact your support team

Rackspace is known for our Fanatical Support. It’s common to contact us when something breaks, but there are other reasons to contact your Fantical Support team. This article explains some of those reasons.

Getting ready for a high-traffic event

Ideally, spikes in traffic (which always translate to a spike in the workload of your server) are either predictable or planned. If you know that you will have an increase in traffic to your website or application, contact a member of your Fanatical Support team. The team can work with you and share best practices on load testing, optimizing, and preparing for these types of events.


Recovering from a high traffic event

Surviving a high-traffic event is good, but learning how your server performed under the load is much better. If you worked with your support team before the event, they should have advised you about the importance of server monitoring. Now that the event is over, our system administrators and technical account managers can help you parse through that monitoring data to determine where your server performed well and whether there are opportunities for optimization, either in the code or in the architecture.


Your account is going to be dormant

If you’re between projects, you can maintain your account and not be charged for it. However, you need to ensure that your account is not used. Consult with a member of your support team about how to properly archive, stop, and delete virtual machines to prevent unwanted utilization billing until your next project is ready.


You've signed up, but are not ready to start

Many customers set up their account well before they need their site or application to go live on the Internet. This gives them an opportunity to learn about our products and services and to test the control panel and the platform powered by OpenStack. During this time, we are available to answer any questions you and your team might have, and to share some solution-specific best practices that we have learned over the years serving thousands of customers.

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