What Kinds Of SSL Certificates Can Be Installed on Cloud Sites?


SSL certificates installed on Cloud Sites have certain requirements in order to be installed correctly. The primary certificates supported are:

    * Root Level certs

    * Apache + OpenSSL

Cloud Sites also supports the following chained certificates.

    * StarField Intermediate

    * Thawte Intermediate SGCCA

    * VeriSign Intermediate SecureSite

    * VeriSign Intermediate SecureSite Pro


    * We do not support EV certs

NOTE: If any problem occurs during the installation phase, contact a member of our support team to complete the install.

In addition to those previously mentioned, the Rackspace Cloud’s support team can also install the following certificates. You will still need to generate the CSR via the Control Panel and purchase the certificate from the third-party vendor. After you receive the certificate, contact a member of the support team and provide the certificate to be installed.

    * DigiCert-Intermediate

    * GeoTrust-Intermediate

    * GoDaddy Intermediate

    * Netsol-Addtrust

    * Netsol-Intermediate

    * Netsol-Server

    * UserTrust-Intermediate

    * Verisign-Intermediate

    * Verisign-Intermediate-CodeSigning

    * Verisign-Intermediate-ofx

NOTE: At this time, any other certificates are not currently supported. EV certificates, Multi-Domain or Wildcard certificates are also not supported. We are no longer supporting ANY self-signed certificates. 

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