What is a catchall address for Cloud Sites? How do I set a catchall address?

NOTE: This documentation refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites.  This article is here for the purpose of legacy support only.


A catchall address is a designated mailbox where any email sent to a non-existent email address will be delivered. To better help explain catchalls, review the example below:

You have the following mailboxes setup on your account:

  • john@yourdomain.com
  • bill@yourdomain.com
  • catchall@yourdomain.com (Which is set as the catch-all)

Now in this example, any email sent to john@yourdomain.com would be delivered to that corresponding mailbox.

The same would hold true for any email sent to bill@yourdomain.com. However, what would happen if an email was sent to "frank@yourdomain.com"?

Because the mailbox frank@yourdomain.com has not been setup in the system, normally the email would be rejected with a "user unknown" message and would be returned to the sender. However, if you have a catchall setup, like in the example above, the email would be delivered to the catch-all mailbox. This would hold true for email sent to any other addresses which have not been setup as mailboxes on the system.

To set up a catchall email account for a particular domain:

  1. Log in to your control panel.
  2. Select the "Hosting" link in the left navigation bar. Then select "Cloud Sites"
  3. Select the domain for which you wish to add a catch-all account from the "Websites" list.
  4. Click the "Email Accounts" tab in the bar at the top of the page.
  5. Add the email account that you want to use for the catch-all (i.e. catchall@yourdomain.com).
  6. Under "Mail Preferences" at the bottom of the page, select "Send them to this account (catchall)" and select the account you want to use from the pull-down menu.

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