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Welcome to Cloud Sites!


This first guide will help familiarize you with the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. 


Cloud Sites is an offering from The Rackspace Cloud which allows users to start hosting websites on Windows or Linux platforms very quickly. Users do not get command line or root access to the servers which are virtual machines. However, a Control Panel interface allows users to manage websites. The Cloud Computing model allows users to pay for only the compute power they use. This means users do not have to calculate the peak demand and procure a server to handle it from a traditional hosting provider.

Unlike traditional hosting where a basic server or virtual server with the operating system is made available, Cloud Sites packages all necessary infrastructure such as the Apache web server and PHP support for Linux environments. For Microsoft Windows environments, Cloud Sites packages IIS and ASP support. Cloud Sites also make databases needed to host websites available on demand on different virtual machines. Users can create databases with a click of a button through The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.



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