Webmail Dropbox Integration FAQs


Rackspace Email has added the ability to add links to files stored in your Dropbox account in an email. Just click a button in the Compose window to launch an external window to the Dropbox file selector. If you have not authenticated to Dropbox, you will be asked to supply your Dropbox credentials. Then you will see your Dropbox files in the file selector dialogue. You can select files to attach to the email and click Choose. Links will appear in the Compose window and then you can send your email with links to your Dropbox files.

How do I hide the Dropbox feature?

There are two ways that you can disable Dropbox integration:

  • Disable Dropbox for an entire domain
  • Disable Dropbox for all users of a private label Rackspace Email site.

How do I disable Dropbox for an entire domain?

  • Login to the Cloud Office Control Panel
  • Navigate to Rackspace Email > Settings > Webmail Settings
  • Choose Hide Dropbox button
  • Click Save

How do I disable Dropbox for all users of a private label Webmail site?

  • Login to the Email & Apps Control Panel
  • Navigate to Rackspace Email > Webmail Sites > Show/Hide Links
  • Choose Hide Dropbox button
  • Click Save

I've used the feature before, but now it is asking me to login to Dropbox, why?

If you have a session established with Dropbox.com, you will not have to login or authorize Rackspace Email to access your Dropbox in any way. If you do not have a session established with Dropbox you will have to re-authenticate and provide your credentials when prompted.

Does Rackspace store my Dropbox credentials?

No. In fact, we never see or store your credentials. When you login to Dropbox, you are sending your credentials directly to Dropbox via a secure connection.

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