Use Cloud Files to serve static content for websites


  • A file transfer Application such as Cyberduck or WinSCP
  • A Text Editor like ConText for Windows and VIM for Linux.
  • Image(s) to display on the website
  • Admin access to a Cloud Sites website or to your web server


  • Use one of the several ways to upload content e.g. phspsite2.jpg to Cloud Files as explained in the following:
  1. Uploading content to a container using the Cloud Files user interface
  2. Uploading content to a container using a tool like Cyberduck


  • Note the CDN URL similar to the one shown in the image above
  • Create a sample html page which embeds the image URL, using a text editor. Use the full CDN URL identified in the Cloud Files user interface as shown below.
    <title>Sample Page</title>
    <p>Image from Cloud Files</p>
    <img src="" />
  • Upload the html page to the root content directory of the website. To create a new website in Cloud Sites refer to Adding a new website


  • Point the browser to the sample page just created and verify that the image is served. e.g. 

    . The image is being served from Cloud Files through the Akamai CDN.


--RKN - 12/19/2009

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