Transferring Your DNS Hosting To Rackspace

Rackspace allows you to manage your DNS through our control panel while allowing you to keep your domain with your current hosting provider. Let's take a look at the following steps:

Note: There is an annual fee of $5 for the service.

Transferring Your DNS Hosting To Rackspace

1. First thing you'll want to do is contact our support team and request the DNS Hosting service for your domain. At this time, we will automatically set up your DNS according to your current DNS settings, so that you will not experience any interruption of service.

2. Next, you will then need to contact your Domain Registrar and ask them to change your Name Servers and point them to the following:


Note: DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to resolve. We recommend that you make this switch during non-business hours or when email activity is light. No email will be lost during this transition, but do not cancel your current DNS hosting service until the transfer is complete.

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