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Slicehost Forum: Basics of the Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud Conversion

This post appeared on the Slicehost forums and is reproduced here for archival purposes.

This post is an effort to summarize and clarify information about the changes to Slicehost. We will update it with new information as it becomes available. Links to threads with more detailed information are listed at the end.

There will be two major changes for Slicehost customers.

Rackspace will move Slices currently in the STL datacenters to a Rackspace-owned datacenter where they will enjoy newer hardware and better connectivity.

  • For most customers this this will be an automated process. The experience will be very similar to a slice resize operation. The new server will be the same flavor as the original slice and will be located in a new datacenter.
  • Servers in STL-A in the IP address range - will get a new public IP address and will need to update DNS records as part of the migration. All other slices will keep their public IP addresses.

Slices will become Cloud Servers. As the underlying platform for Slicehost and Cloud Servers is essentially the same, this is primarily a billing change.

  • The transition will be automated and will happen in the first half of 2012. There is no downtime involved.
  • After the change servers will be managed with the Cloud Servers control panel (not the SliceManager).
  • Pricing will change. After the conversion prices will be calculated using the Cloud Servers utility pricing model, resulting in a reduction in overall cost for most customers.

More details on those points follow.


How the conversion affects your slice will depend on its datacenter.

You can see your slice's datacenter by going into the SliceManager, clicking on the slice for more details, and then checking the "Datacenter" entry at the end of the detail list.

If the datacenter does not begin with "STL" your slice will not be migrated anywhere and the conversion will involve no downtime. Slices in DFW and ORD are already in a Rackspace datacenter. Your slice will remain where it is and the only change that will affect you is the billing conversion (detailed further along in this post).

If the datacenter does begin with STL then your slice will be migrated to our ORD (Chicago) datacenter. You will receive more details in an email when we are ready to schedule migrations. We are working to make the migration process as easy as possible, and in many cases the migration will be a push-button process. The new datacenter in Chicago (ORD) has newer hardware and a faster network.

Some STL-A IP addresses will change. All slices in STL-B will keep their public IP addresses but not their private addresses. If your slice is in STL-A, it will keep its public IP address if it is in the range:

  • -
  • -

Your slice will not keep its public IP address if its current address is in the range:

  • -

We are still looking into options for customers who are losing their public IP addresses.

As with STL-B, all private addresses will change.

If your slice needs to be migrated you will control when the migration will start. Slices will be migrated in groups. When your slice is ready to be migrated you will receive an email two weeks in advance. Nothing will happen until you push a "migrate me" button that will become available in the SliceManager. That way you can choose a time for the migration that works best for you.

The migration will be very much like a slice resize. Your server will be active while its image is copied to a new Cloud Server in ORD. The slice will then be taken down for a final sync of any data that changed during the first copy (typically five or ten minutes). Once your server is operational again you will get an email letting you know the process is complete.

You will receive more information as we get closer to the opening of the migration window. Please note that due to the upcoming holiday season, the STL migrations will not begin in October as previously planned. We want to avoid any unnecessary disruptions during this time and now expect migrations to start in January of 2012.


This applies to all Slicehost customers and is planned for the first half of 2012. Slices will become Cloud Servers. This means you will start using the Cloud Servers control panel and your pricing will be based on the Cloud Servers utility model.

Owing to the similarities between the two services, in most cases the change should be transparent and won't require additional work to complete. Cloud Servers offer additional features not available on Slicehost and will continue to be enhanced over time.

Bandwidth usage will be the primary determinant in working out how the change will affect what you pay for your service each month. Slicehost bills on a monthly basis for packages that include a set amount of memory, disk space, and bandwidth. Rackspace Cloud Servers bills hourly for the base instance (memory and disk space) but bills bandwidth on a pay-as-you-go usage basis.

You can calculate your expected monthly charges with the Rackspace Cloud Servers price calculator. The change will result in a decrease in monthly costs for most customers based on historical bandwidth usage.

Any Slicehost account balance will be transferred to your new Cloud Server account. If you already have a Cloud Server account your accounts will be merged in the transition process.

This thread will be locked to discussion, but if you have any questions please either create a thread in the migration forum or post to one of the existing threads. Our techs are also available via email or live chat to answer any questions and concerns.

To compare pricing and see how much you would be charged based on expected bandwidth usage, we have a price calculator here: Cloud Servers Pricing

We have collected more information about the conversion in other threads in our forums.

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