Shutting Down and Restarting a Cloud Server


  • SSH client to login into the Cloud Server
  • Sudo account login to the Cloud Server
  • Administrative access to the Cloud Control Panel


Shut down server

  • Log in as a sudo-enabled user via SSH and enter the following command:
# sudo shutdown -h now
  • This will shut down the server

NOTE: Shutting down a server will NOT stop billing, since the virtual hard drives are persistent, server resources are always in use whether the servers is powered on or not.

Reboot server

  • Log in to your Rackspace account.
  • On the Servers tab, click the action cog next to your server to be rebooted.
  • Select Reboot Server.

  • Server will reboot and user will have normal access again

Additional Resources

  • Open source ssh client putty can be downloaded here

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