Sharing your CD/DVD Drive with RDP (Mac)

This article will walk you through sharing your local CD/DVD drive (or any other local drive) with your Cloud Server using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. This article assumes that you already have Microsoft Remote Desktop Client already installed.

Please note that this will cause excessive amounts of bandwidth usage!


Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is insert your disc into your DVD drive. For the sake of demonstration, our Macintosh has a DVD drive so we will reference it as such. Once your disc has been recognized you are ready to begin.


Setup drive mapping

The first thing we need to do is open up Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. You'll find this in your Applications folder inside Macintosh HD. When you have that opened up you should have a screen that looks like this:


Click on File at the top and scroll down to Edit a Connection and click. You'll be presented with an Open Dialog like the one below. Double-click on the Default.rdp icon.


You'll be presented with a screen like the one below.


Click on the Drives icon at the top. It looks like a hard drive with a Windows logo on it. Your window should look like the one below:


In the drop down that is there, select Other folders...'. You will be presented with an Open dialog. Click on the DVD on the left that you inserted earlier and click the Select button.


Your Drives window should look like this, or something similar:


Press the red Close button on the upper left side of the window.


Testing the drive

You'll be returned back to the main connection screen. Type in your server's IP address and press the Connect button.


You'll be prompted for your authentication information -- simply press Connect.


You'll receive a warning about sharing local disks on your Macintosh and that it can be unsafe. We are aware of this and will press the Connect button to continue.


You'll be prompted about not being able to verify the identity of the server -- press the Connect button to continue.


Once connected you'll be at your login screen. Once logged into your server you will be taken to the desktop.


To verify that your DVD mapped properly you'll need to click on the Start button at the bottom.


Now click on the Computer link on the Start menu.


You should see the DVD that we shared. In this case it is a mapped drive called DVD1 on Kelly Koehn's M.


If you double-click on it... you will begin to see the files appear and hear your local drive spin up.


Closing your connection

When you log out of your server you will be prompted with a screen that looks like this:


Simple press Don't Save and it will not affect your normal RDP connection and will only map this drive for the remainder of the session.

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