Setting Up Outlook 2013 with Microsoft Exchange 2007

Complete the following steps to set up your Exchange 2007 Mailbox with Outlook 2013. 

1. Log into the User Control Panel ( to obtain the Server settings for your Email Account.

2. Select Outlook 2013, the pop-up will provide the settings that are needed for the setup.

3. With the setting in hand, let us navigate to the Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Mail.

4. Select Show Profiles... then Add. Fill in the Profile's Name, this can be whatever you like, and select OK.

5. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types then select Next.

6. Select Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service then select Next.

7. Here we will begin to use the information from the pop-up from Step 1. Once, the fields have been filled in select More Settings....

8. Select the Conection tab and check the box Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP then select Exchange Proxy Settings... click OK then Apply and OK.

9. Now click Check Name. The new window fill in your full email address as the Username and the password is the password that is used to log into your mailbox. When the Server and Username are underlined, the profile has been successfully setup. Click Next and Finish.

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