Setting Up Cloud Drive: Enabling Your Master Account

Note: We no longer accept new sign-ups for Cloud Drive, though it is still supported for existing customers. New customers should use the equivalent service offered via JungleDisk instead.

Cloud Drive is Rackspace product that allows users to perform secure backups of their data, sync it with other machines, and access their data between teams of 2-100. With the ability to be powered by cloud leaders such as Rackspace or Amazon. The following article will get you started with Cloud Drive Backup. Let's take a look at the steps below:

Enabling Your Master Account:

1. First thing you'll do is login to your control panel at Next, select Cloud Drive & Server Backup from the Go To Section drop down menu.

2. Select the Manage via Jungle Disk link to Set up your master account.

Note: The master account is the administrative account; It allows you to select a domain, create online disks, set up sub-accounts, and configure access/permissions. 

3. Under Workgroup, select the Master Accounts Setup link.

4. Next, create a Domain Name to identify your Cloud Drive account. The domian you create will be used to setup your disk client and access your data on the web.

5. Select the Enable Master Account button when you're finished.

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