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The Rackspace Email Rest API provides most of the functions of the Control Panel through a REST-based web API. Whether it is adding a new customer account (for resellers), adding mailboxes, or any other of the supported features the API allows your application to administer the changes. These changes can be applied independent of your application's language or nature.  Official API documentation can be found at the following link:

To implement our API into your application, you must first generate an API key.  API keys are unique to each administrator.  To differentiate human actions and application actions, you may want to consider making a separate administrator login for your API.  Only Super Admins will have access to this feature.

To generate an API key, log into the control panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click My Account at the top of the page.
  2. In the Administrators section, click API keys.
  3. Click Generate New Keys to create new API keys.
    Warning: If there are existing keys previously being used, generating new keys will break applications that are using the previous keys.

Note: Avoid recording this information outside of the Control Panel.  This allows unrestricted access to make changes to your account; use extreme discretion when using these keys.

No further action is needed in the control panel. You are now free to develop applications for your account!

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