Removing Networks from a Cloud Server

NOTE: Cloud Networks is production ready but will be available to customers in a phased release. Therefore, it might not be visible when you log into the Cloud Control Panel. To request access to Cloud Networks now, click here.

Cloud Networks lets you attach an isolated network to new next generation Cloud Servers. You can choose to attach or remove the following networks to or from a Cloud Server:


Provides access to the Internet, Rackspace services such as Cloud Monitoring, Managed Cloud Support, RackConnect, Cloud Backup, and certain operating system updates.


Provides access to Rackspace services such as Cloud Files, Cloud Databases, Cloud Backup, and certain packages and patches through an internal only, multi-tenant network connection within each Rackspace data center.


Provides a virtual Layer 2 network that keeps your server separate from PublicNet, ServiceNet, or both.


If you remove your Cloud Server from PublicNet, it no longer has access to the Internet and some Rackspace products and services. If you remove ServiceNet from your Cloud Server, it cannot access certain Rackspace products and services. The graphic below depicts the services that are not available when these networks are removed from a Cloud Server:

Removing Networks from a Cloud Server

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