Rackspace Services For SharePoint: FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to Rackspace Services For SharePoint.

How do I create a Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint?

From within your Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, follow the standard process to create a server and under Image, select the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 + SharePoint Foundation – SQL Express or SQL Standard.  Depending on the SharePoint image you select, you will be limited to which size you can select. We now offer a SharePoint Foundation 2013 image as well. Select Windows Server 2012 + SharePoint 2013 Foundation with SQL 2012 Standard with either the 15GB or 30GB size.


Is this a replacement for multi-tenant SharePoint via Email and Apps?

No, these SharePoint images are ideal for short-term, project based SharePoint deployments such as test and dev efforts.  If you are looking for a production SharePoint for your organization, you can leverage our multi-tenant SharePoint hosting at Rackspace.


Do you offer a SharePoint Server 2010 version?

No, only SharePoint Foundation 2010 and 2013 are available pre-installed. If you would like to use SharePoint server 2010 or 2013 please start with a base Windows 2008 R2 or a Windows 2012 instance and install it manually, or you can use our dedicated SharePoint hosting at Rackspace.


Can I join my server to a SharePoint Farm as a member?

The cloud server with SQL Express is installed as a standalone SharePoint Foundation 2010 server and cannot be joined to a SharePoint Farm. The cloud servers with SQL Standard are configured as Farm servers and can be removed from the pre-configured farm and joined to an existing farm.


Is Active Directory installed as part of the configuration?

On the SharePoint image with SQL Express, the Active Directory role service is not installed and uses local system accounts for the SharePoint Service Accounts. On the SharePoint image with SQL Standard, the Active Directory role service is installed and the SharePoint configuration uses SharePoint managed domain accounts for the SharePoint Service Accounts.


What are the SQL Server limitations for my cloud server with SharePoint?

The SharePoint image with SQL Express comes with SQL Express, which is limited to 10 GB per database. SQL Express can only address one physical CPU (multiple cores) and up to 1 GB of memory. The SharePoint images with SQL Standard uses MS SQL 2008 R2 Standard or MS SQL 2012 Standard. They're limited by the size of the Cloud Server selected.


How do I access my Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint?

You can connect to your Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint installed using RDP, but for SharePoint administration, you should use the Central Administration console as outlined in the “Getting Started with SharePoint on the Open Cloud”.


Can I resize my Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint?

Yes, this Rackspace Cloud feature is available with Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint.


What is the cost of Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint?

There are no additional costs for the SharePoint images above the cost of the Cloud Servers, which start with the 4GB size for the Windows Cloud SharePoint image with SQL Express and 8GB size for Windows + SQL Standard Cloud for the SharePoint image with SQL Standard. For SharePoint 2013, due to increased resource requirements only the 15GB and 30GB sizes are available.


What level of support comes with the SharePoint server?

This SharePoint server comes with Managed Infrastructure.


Can I get a Managed Cloud Service Level on my SharePoint server?

Unfortunately, no. Both of these instances come with Managed Infrastructure and cannot be upgraded to a Managed Cloud Service Level.


How can I get application support for my Windows Cloud Server with SharePoint?

Rackspace has a world-class team of SharePoint experts standing by to assist you if you would like support for SharePoint running on your Cloud Server. Our Ad-hoc Services for SharePoint option is available and lets you contact us when you need and only pay for the support you use. This is subject to the Ad-hoc terms and conditions, and is currently only available for US based customers.


What's a good resource for learning more about SharePoint?

If you consider yourself a self-starter, the knowledge of our SharePoint team can also be found on blogs (http://sharepoint911.com/ourblogs/pages/default.aspx) or through some of their publications (http://sharepoint911.com/ourteam/pages/ourpublications.aspx).

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