Rackspace Private Cloud v. 4.1.2 Release Notes

Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.1.2 has the following changes and documentation. For the full list of known issues and information from the Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.0 release, refer to the Rackspace Private Cloud v. 4.0 Release Notes. A new known issue has been identified in this release relating to snapshot deletion in CentOS.

Cookbook Changes

The following changes have been made to the Rackspace Private Cloud cookbooks.

CentOS 6.4 Support

Rackspace Private Cloud can now be installed on CentOS 6.4.

Changes in HA VIP Attributes

A new configuration block must be used in override_attributes to define the virtual router ID and network for the VIPs. Refer to Controller Node High Availability for detailed information about this configuration.

If you are upgrading your environment from an older configuration in which VIP vrid and networks were not defined, you may have to remove the keepalived configurations in /etc/keepalived/conf.d/* and run chef-client before adding the VIP vrid and network definitions to override_attributes.

OpenStack Networking HA

OpenStack Networking has been made HA as of Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.1.2, and has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6.4. For an HA configuration, you must configure the OpenStack networking roles on the Controller node. Do not use a standalone Network node if you require OpenStack Networking to be HA.

OpenStack Networking Support on CentOS

Rackspace Private Cloud can now be used to implement OpenStack Networking on devices running CentOS 6.4. After applying the single-network-node role to the device, you must reboot it to use the appropriate version of the CentOS 6.4 kernel.

RabbitMQ Clustering

Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.1.2 builds out clustered RabbitMQ by default. Fresh installations with v 4.1.2 include this feature automatically, but installations created with Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.0.0 cookbooks will have to be upgraded with the procedure documented in Upgrading Your Private Cloud.

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