Rackspace Cloud Essentials - Getting Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support® is available for your Rackspace services through the Rackspace Support Network. This self-service resource was created to help you resolve common problems and answer frequently asked questions about your Rackspace Cloud services.

The Rackspace Support Network contains product support articles, videos, white papers, API documentation, community discussion forums, and information to help you get started using your Rackspace Cloud services.



Rackspace support channels

Choose from the following options to access support for your Cloud product:

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a support resource that contains Cloud Hosting and Cloud Office articles, videos, case studies, and white papers. Access the Knowledge Center at http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center.

API documentation

For Cloud users who require a more detailed view of the inner workings of Rackspace Cloud products, the API documentation provides the resources that you need to manage your services programmatically from the command line.

Rackspace Community

The Open Cloud Community is a public forum for interacting with other customers who may share the same issues that you may be experiencing with your cloud products. This forum is moderated by our technical subject matter experts.

System status

The Rackspace System Status page is available 24 hours a day so that you can monitor production services that might be impacted by a maintenance or outage. You can also subscribe to system status updates through an RSS feed.

Contact Rackspace Support

Contact Rackspace Support by phone, online chat, cloud support ticket, or at the online community forum.

  • Phone - For urgent and immediate assistance call 800-961-4454 (US toll free), 800-961-4454 (international)

  • Online chat - Use Live Chat to connect with a Racker who can assist you 24x7x365. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel at https://mycloud.rackspace.com and click the Support link located in the top right corner of the page.

  • Cloud support ticket - If you have a request or a complex problem that requires help from our support staff, open a support ticket. You can create a new support ticket or check the status of open tickets in the Cloud Control Panel by selecting Support Tickets from the Account menu.

  • Community forum - For non-urgent issues, post a question or comment at https://community.rackspace.com

Managed operations service level

The Managed Operations service level includes a monthly flat charge plus an increased utility rate for each product. Learn more about the Managed Operations service level, read Upgrade to Managed Operations service level. To upgrade your account to the Managed Operations service level, follow these steps:

  1. In the Cloud Control Panel, click the Account menu in the upper-right corner and select Upgrade Service Level.

  2. Under Managed Ops: Sys Ops, click Select.

  3. In the popup dialog box, click Request Upgrade.


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