Rackspace 2013 Hybrid Cloud Survey Results

Survey questions and responses from the 2013 Cloud Survey commissioned by Rackspace Hosting and conducted by Vanson Bourne are listed below. This study investigated the use of different types of clouds – public, private and hybrid – along with dedicated servers by UK and US enterprises. Some interesting findings from this data:

  • 60% of respondents have moved or are considering moving certain applications or workloads either partially (41%) or completely (19%) off the public cloud because of its limitations or the potential benefits of other platforms, such as the hybrid cloud
  • 60% of IT decision-makers see hybrid cloud as the culmination of their cloud journey
  • Top reasons for using hybrid cloud instead of a public cloud only approach: better security (52%), more control (42%), and better performance or reliability (37%)
  • Top benefits hybrid cloud users report: more control (59%), better security (54%), better reliability (48%), reduced costs (46%) and better performance (44%)
  • Average reduction in overall cloud costs from using hybrid cloud: 17%

Hybrid Cloud Survey Questions and Responses

Why do you use hybrid cloud instead of just public cloud for these applications or functions?

What benefits do you get from using hybrid cloud in particular?

For those who've experienced reduced costs from hybrid cloud usage, please estimate the reduction in overall cloud spend you have experienced:

Have the limitations of the public cloud, and/or the potential benefits of private or hybrid clouds or dedicated servers, led you to move – or consider moving – any applications or workloads off the public cloud(s) you use or have used, either partially or completely?

To what extent do you agree that hybrid cloud is the final destination for your business, rather than a stepping stone to using the public cloud for all your cloud needs?

Combination grid showing the number of applications organizations have in the hybrid cloud:

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