RackConnect Key Terms

To understand RackConnect and its configuration, you must understand some key terms.

RackConnect Configuration - represents a deployment of the RackConnect solution.  The configuration is comprised of your Edge and Connected physical network devices, along with one or more Cloud Accounts that you associate with the configuration.

Edge Network Device - the outermost network device that is specifically for your environment.  This is typically a firewall, but can also be a load balancer in certain deployment scenarios.

Connected Network Device - the device that has a physical connection to our Cloud network.  This device can be a firewall or a load balancer; in cases where there is only one Network Device (either firewall or load balancer), this will be the same as the Edge Network Device.  The RackConnect Gateway IP’s are configured on this device.

Network Policy - defines access applied for one of five RackConnect traffic scenarios:

  • Traffic from Cloud Servers to Dedicated
  • Traffic from Cloud Servers to the Internet
  • Traffic from Cloud Servers to Cloud Servers (for example, traffic between a web tier and an application tier, both hosted on Cloud Servers)
  • Traffic from Dedicated to Cloud Servers
  • Traffic from the Internet to Cloud Servers

Network Policies provide you the ability to match based on certain criteria (hosts, networks, Cloud Server name matches, etc.) and can limit access to specific protocols and ports or port ranges.

Network Policy Template - provides an easy way of getting started with RackConnect. It provides a choice of some of our most common RackConnect Network Policy sets (for example, “allow all access between a Dedicated environment and all Cloud Servers belonging to the associated Cloud Account”).  The Basic Access Configuration Template allows you to be up and running in two clicks; with it, you will have unrestricted access between all of your devices in Dedicated and Cloud.

Access Lists (ACLs) - Used on Network Devices to control network traffic.

Automation Features - Automation Features show you which actions the RackConnect automation system will and will not take against your environment.  In certain cases, the settings may differ between your Cloud account and your individual Cloud Servers.  The Cloud account settings will be used for all new servers you build in the future and the Cloud Server settings will be used if you perform a rebuild or make other changes to your Cloud Server.

[Automation Features display example]

Note: It is not currently possible to adjust these Automation Features settings; they are displayed for informational purposes only.  Please contact your Support team with any questions.

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