Permissions Matrix for Cloud Queues

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Queues. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

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Cloud Queues Terminology

As of October 4, 2013


Method Name

API Action






Get Home Document GET {version} check check check Gets the home document.    


List Queues GET/ {version}/queues?marker=string&limit=integer&detailed=boolean  check check check Lists queues.     
Create Queue PUT/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}   check check Creates a queue.     
Delete Queue DELETE/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}     check Deletes the queue.     
Check Queue Existence GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name} check check check Verifies whether the specified queue exists.
Set Queue Metadata PUT/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/metadata    check check Sets queue metadata.     
Show Queue Metadata GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/metadata  check  check check Returns queue metadata.     
Show Queue Stats GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/stats check check check Returns queue statistics.     


Post Messages POST/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages   check check Posts the message or messages for the specified queue.    
Get Messages GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages?marker=string&limit=integer
 check  check check Gets the message or messages in the specified queue.     
Get Messages by ID GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages/{messageId}?claim_id=string  check check check Gets the specified set of messages from the specified queue.      
Bulk-delete Messages by ID DELETE /{version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages ?ids=string    check check Bulk-deletes for messages.
Show Message Details GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages?ids=string&claim_id=string check check check Shows details for the specified message from the specified queue.
Delete Message DELETE/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/messages?claim_id=string    check check Deletes the specified message from the specified queue.


Claim Messages POST/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/claim?limit=integer   check check Claims a set of messages from the specified queue.     
Query Claim GET/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/claims/{claimId} check check check Queries the specified claim for the specified queue.     
Update Claim PATCH/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/claims/{claimId}    check check Updates the specified claim for the specified queue.     
Release Claim DELETE/ {version}/queues/{queue_name}/claims/{claimId}    check check Releases the specified claim for the specified queue.     


Cloud Queues Terminology


A message is a task, a notification, or any meaningful data that gets posted to the queue. A message exists until it is deleted by a recipient or automatically by the system based on a TTL (time-to-live) value.


A queue holds messages. Ideally, a queue is created per work type. For example, if you want to compress files, you would create a queue dedicated to this job. Any application that reads from this queue would only compress files.


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