Permissions Matrix for Cloud Networks

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Networks. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.  

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Cloud Networks Terminology

As of October 8, 2013


Method Name

API Action




List Networks  GET/os-networksv2  check check check Lists the networks configured for a specified tenant ID.
Create Network  POST/os-networksv2   check check Creates a network for the specified tenant ID.
Provision Server and Attach Networks POST/servers   check check Provisions a new server and attaches networks.
Show Network GET/os-networkv2/id  check  check check Shows information for a specified network ID. 
Delete Network  DELETE/GET/os-networkv2/id     check  Deletes the specified network.
Virtual Interfaces          
List Virtual Interfaces GET/servers/instance_id/os-virtual-interfacesv2  check  check check Lists the virtual interfaces configured for a server instance.
Create Virtual Interface POST/servers/instance_id/os-virtual-interfacesv2    check check Creates a virtual interface for a network and attaches the network to a server instances.
Delete Virtual Interface DELETE/servers/instances_id/os-virtual-interfacesv2/interface_id     check  Deletes a virtual interface from a server instance.


Cloud Networks Terminology


A sequence of connection points that communicate with each other.


A virtual machine (VM) instance in the Cloud Servers environment. To create a server, you must specify a name, flavor reference, and image reference.

Virtual Interface

An extension to the networking API that is specifically used for attaching and detaching networks.


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