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OpenStack Metering

Rackspace Private Cloud v4.2.0 offers full OpenStack Metering (Ceilometer) support, including access to OpenStack statistics through the Horizon dashboard.

NOTE: Rackspace Private Cloud v4.2.0 is based on the OpenStack Havana code base, and is being made available as an Early Access release to customers who want to deploy or upgrade to it in a proof-of-concept or other non-production environment. Rackspace Private Cloud v4.1.2, based on the OpenStack Grizzly code base, is recommended for production environments.

OpenStack Metering Implementation in Rackspace Private Cloud

The Rackspace Private Cloud implementation of Metering is based on a MySQL framework and uses the SQL Alchemy. For more information about the parameters involved in this implementation, refer to the OpenStack documentation on Metering configuration options. For a list of database backends and what they support, refer to the OpenStack documentation on choosing a database backend for metering.

Using OpenStack Metering

Metering statistics are available through the Horizon dashboard. When you log in to the dashboard as the admin user, click on the Resource Usage tab to view the statistics.

The following information is available:

  • Global Disk Usage: Provides an average of the last 30 days of disk usage, broken down by tenant/project.
  • Global Network Traffic Usage: Provides an average of the last 30 days of network traffic usage, broken down by tenant/project.
  • Stats: Provides a graphic represenation of all resources. You can view the usage for individual services, over a range of periods from the last day up to the last year.

For more information about Metering, refer to the Ceilometer developer documentation, maintained by OpenStack.

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