Multiple SSL Certificates on a Single RackConnected Cloud Server (PAT)

Each Cloud Server comes with a single private IP address.  When leveraging RackConnect, if you need direct access to the Cloud Server from the Internet, you can utilize the public IP assigned to your RackConnected Cloud Server (the "Provision public IP address" Automation Feature must be enabled).  This public IP will leverage a NAT (Network Address Translation) on your network device to translate the public IP to the private IP of your Cloud Server.

Sometimes, a use case will arise where you need to have more than one public IP assigned to a single Cloud Server.  The most common case for this is when you are hosting multiple SSL sites on a single Cloud Server and are not able to use a wildcard certificate.  Since only one private (10.x) address is allowed on each Cloud Server, this setup can be accomplished leveraging PAT (Port Address Translation) on your network device versus NAT.

For example, if you have a single Cloud Server that you want to use to host https:// www.<example-domain>.com and https:// www.<example-domain-2>.com, we could setup your network device as follows:

  • Cloud Server private IP address is
  • DNS points www.<example-domain>.com to public IP
  • DNS points www.<example-domain-2>.com to public IP
  • PAT entry on network device points port 443 to port 8443
  • PAT entry on network device points port 443 to port 8444

On your Cloud Server, you would configure your web server software (e.g. Apache or IIS) to listen on ports 8443 and 8444 (they would be able to distinguish which site the encrypted traffic was destined for based on the unique port number).

Please contact your Dedicated Support team for assistance with setting up PAT on your network device.

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