Migrating To Rackspace Email

The following article will explain how to get email from your previous email hosting provider, into Rackspace using your email client. If you've already configured your email client with an IMAP connection, then lets take a look below on how to migrate your email: 
  1. After you've configured your email client with Rackspace Email using an IMAP connection, simply drag and drop any email or folders from your previous email account, to your newly created Rackspace account.
  1. Your data will begin to fill inside your new email account. This process can fluctuate on time depending on how much data you're transferring over.  
  1. After you've moved all your data into your Rackspace account, perform a Send/Receive to ensure your data has been updated in webmail by logging into webmail at cp.rackspace.com. Once you're logged in, ensure that all the email data you transferred from your previous email account is there. If so, you're finished!
Note: Continue this same procedure for other accounts and email data you would like to reside with Rackspace.

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