Migrating Public Folder Data

This article will provide you with instructions on migrating Public Foder data via Outlook 2010.  The process is grouped into two sections:  

1) Export Public Folder items to .pst    

2) Importing .pst into Public Folder

Public Folder data from your previous Exchange mailbox should be exported to .pst format.  In order to do this, Outlook must be connected to your source environment with appropriate permissions for the Public Folder that you will be migrating. 

Outlook 2010

Export Public Folder Data to .pst

1.Open Outlook 2010 while connected to your previous email environment.

2.Click File > Open > Import


3. The first dialog of the Import and Export wizard will appear.  Select Export to a file > Next.


4. In the next wizard dialog, Select Outlook Data File (pst) > Next.


5. The Export Outlook Data File box will appear.  Note: To export Public Folders, scroll down to select the public folders from the list (see the example below).  Select Include Subfolders > Next


6. Browse to the location where you would like to save the file > Click Finish.


7. A password is not required and may be left blank.  Click OK.



Import .pst into Public Folder 

8. Open Outlook 2010 while connected to your previous email environment.

9. Click File > Open > Open Outlook Data File



10. You will not see the file listed in the Outlook folder tree.  Please expand it and select the folder in question.


Note: If you don't see it make sure that Folder View is enabled.


12. Expand the current public folders > All Public Folders > Root ### > Domain.com.



13. Right-click on the domain.com public folder and select New Folder.



14. Enter the name of the folder and select the Folder Contains drop down to select the folder type.


15. Select all items from the .pst file (simultaneously hold CTRL and A), drag and drop them to the Public Folder. You may also copy and paste them if you like.


16. Allow some time for the newly imported emails to upload to the server.  At this point the migration is complete.  Note: Based on the way Public Folders replicate across the environment, we recommend waiting 15-20 minutes before verifying all other users can see the data.  

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