Migrating Exchange To Exchange via Outlook

The following article will demonstrate how to transfer your current Microsoft Exchange data (Email, Calendar Data, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes) into your new Rackspace Microsoft Exchange account. Let's take at look at the procedure:

Note: If your office/network has bandwidth limitations, you may want to turn off cached Exchange mode before your users begin migrating their .pst files.


Exporting Your Data Into a .PST File

1. First thing you'll want to do is open Outlook and log into your previous Microsoft Exchange mailbox and select File / Import and Export.

2. Next you'll select the Export to a file option, and then select the Next button.

3. On the next screen select Personal Folder File (.pst) then click the Next button. Next perform one of the following and select the Next button:

  • To export an entire mailbox, including calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes, click once on the topmost folder (Mailbox – Your Name) then select the Include subfolders check box.
  • To export a public folder click once on the topmost folder (or the Public Folders folder to export all public folders) then select the Include subfolders check box.
  • To export individual Calendars, Contacts, or Tasks, highlight the individual folder then select the Include subfolders check box.

4. You will now save this .PST file. The default save location is C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\backup.pst. Select the Browse button to select a different location.

Note: It may be easier to locate the file later if you save it to your desktop. You will need to know the location of the file to import it into your new account.

5. Next select the root folder of your mailbox as pictured below, check the option to Include subfolders, and select Next. Be sure to leave the option Replace duplicates with items exported selected then select the Finish button to begin your Export

Export personal folders

Note: Since this file is only being used for temporary export/import we recommend you use No Encryption by leaving the password blank for speed and compatibility purposes.


Importing Your .PST File

Once you've exported your .PST File you'll need to add your new Rackspace Microsoft Exchange email account to your email client. Once you have your account set up perform the following steps:

1. First thing you'll want to do is open Outlook, log into your Microsoft Exchange mailbox, and select File / Import and Export.

2. Next you'll select the Import from another program or file option then select the Next button.

3. Select Personal Folder File (.pst), select Next, then select the Browse button and locate the .PST File you exported.

4. Select the Open button and leave the option Replace duplicates with items imported selected, and select the Next button.

5. Select Personal Folders then select the Include subfolders check box. Next select the Import items into the same folder button. In the drop-down box select the Exchange mailbox (Mailbox – Your Name) into which you would like to import your data to and then select Finish to begin your import.

Note: Your import may take some time to finish depending on the size of the .PST File.

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