Microsoft Exchange 2010 vs. Microsoft Exchange 2003

The following information below is a chart comparison for users migrating from a Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment, to a Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment. Some advantages include default 25GB mailbox, free activesync licenses for iPhone and Android users, Autodiscover feature, a Simple Email Setup tool and so much more. Take a look below for a full list of features:

Microsoft Exchange 2010 vs. Microsoft Exchange 2003


Exchange 2010 Exchange 2003
Storage included per mailbox 25 GB 1 GB
Max storage per mailbox 50 GB 10 GB
Attachment size per message 50 MB 25 MB
Public folder space allotted 10 GB 10 MB
Outlook Outlook 2010 and 2007 compatible Outlook 2010 not compatible 
Simple Email Setup Autodiscover allows customers to setup Outlook with only their username and password. The iPhone and Outlook setup tools in OWA also allow easy setup with only password and username.  No autodiscover, iPhone or Outlook setup tools. All client and device configuration is manual. 
Architecture 64 bit 32 bit
Outlook Web Apps (OWA) redesigned interface and support for multiple browsers Fewer features available with limited browser capability
Spam Protection 3 Layer Spam filter eliminates 98% of all spam. ( Provided by SecureTide© 
Spam Controls End User spam controls integrated into Outlook's Junk Email Folder. Whitelist/Blacklist management included.  Advanced spam controls for admins in Control Panel. Whitelist/Blacklist mgt included. 
Virus Protection All inbound and outbound messages are scanned in a 5 stage process All inbound and outbound messages are scanned, and Exchange level content scanning.
Sharing Easy to share full Calendars and Contacts Limited Calendar and Contact sharing available
ActiveSync for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone Included $3/mailbox
BES $10/mailbox $10/mailbox
Extra Storage $1/GB $3/GB
Bulk Mail Bulk mail limited to sending 250 message at a time No limit on amount of messages sent at one time
SharePoint Free 250 MB site n/a
Archiving yes yes
Control Panel Rackspace Control Panel; allows for easier handling of multiple domains and mailboxes ShoreLine© Control Panel; requires more steps for controling multiple domains and mailboxes
Data Import Import via excel and csv files Only import 20 users at a time using web interface
Distribution lists Smooth management from one screen Use of "groups" requires multiple steps
Email forwarding Forward email to an address outside or inside of the domain Forward email to an address inside the domain
Resource Mailboxes included not included
Setup email  Not available Sent to admins with "getting started" and login information
Mobile management  Lock or delete BlackBerry devices Lock, delete and disable BlackBerry devices

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