Manually Set Up Microsoft Exchange 2007 With Mac Mail

The following article will help you setup your Microsoft Exchange 2007 email account with Mac Mail. Let's take a look at the steps below to get you going: Note: Exchange 2007 only runs with on the 10.6 or Above OS (operating system). If you're unsure about what OS you're running, select the Apple icon located in the top left hand corner and then About This Mac. 

  1. First thing you'll want to do is login to your User Control Panel ( and select the Mac Mail icon/link. This link will provide a pop up window with information needed to set up your account.
  1. Next, you'll open up Mac Mail and select File, Add Account. On the next screen enter in your Full Name, entire Email Address, Password andclick Continue.


  1. Enter the following information into the fields below:
  • Account Type - Select Exchange 2007.
  • Description - Enter in a descriptive name of your choice for your mail account (e.g. Work Mail).
  • Incoming mail server - In the Server address field from the Setting Up Mac Mail window, remove the "https://" and "/ews/exchange.asmx" and place what's left in the Incoming Mail Server field.
  • User Name - Enter in your entire email address (e.g.
  • Password - Enter in the password associated with the email account you are setting up.

Note: The Address Book and iCal Calendar auto setup feature are optional. 

  1. Click the Continue button, check the Take Account Online Box and then click the Create button.


  1. In the External Server field, enter in the exact same Server address that you used for the Internal Server.


  1. Click the Advanced button in the upper right and in the External Server Path field be sure it's filled with the following address: ews/exchange.asmx


  1. Select the Use SSL check box and close the Accounts window and click the Save button. After that, you're all done!

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